Cooking pasta first time in new house. Stream from dark to light.

5 Nov 2020
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  • The thumbnail is winning smile ngl

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  • You can change the world

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  • It looks good to me😌

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  • Not gonna lie bro love How you cooking for yourself You don't need all type of hands in your food bro🇯🇲💯👍🏿

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  • That's a natural brother right there

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  • As an italian I approve

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  • “Regathongni” lmao

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  • Fuk em 💯👍🏾do your thing, and stay not 1 step, stay 10 steps ahead of the game...

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  • wap means macaroni in the pot

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  • I like how he had 4 .40s in the back on the counter🤔

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  • Bro when u finna do another shot-a flow

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  • Not him touching the pasta with corna going around

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  • NLE CHOPPA is so sexy and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ 🤤🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥😻🥵🔥

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  • What's up what's up

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  • Yes 👍

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  • i dunno about that blessin the water and god shit bruh but ay as long as u keep it real it dont matter

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  • get u some bonsoy soy milk aint nuthin wrong with soy and it tastes better than milk and its organic, yellow carton with red stripes or somethin

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  • funny ass honest nigga bruh i got alot of respect fo yo ass

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  • good job lil bro

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  • Geaux choppa

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  • That some big ass pasta

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  • pastah

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  • Nle is using those cute plastic forks😂😂😂

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  • Yes

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  • Yes yous that

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  • Yes

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  • Any time you whant

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  • And serr it up

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  • Yes

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  • Bro we got the same refrigerator

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  • 7:12 this nigga really used a knife 😑🤣

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  • chef choppa ong

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  • cook the fucking pasta

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  • Wtf why is he using water of bottles he is weird 😂

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  • non voglio parlare

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  • U usually put ur sauce into the pasta. And u start little and add as u wish. Finish off with parmigiano and ur good.

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  • u cute but iam 12

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  • 🌍 I see Chopper earthing.... 🙌🏼 The earthing movie; explains it all.

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  • that look good

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  • Love how he cooking but dont know what he doing

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  • Did youu...did you just urinate...on live media?

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  • Uzi really stabbed himself in the face doe-

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  • dehave.infoWyxum1Izhdw

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  • My cuzzin changed yall 🍝🍝🍝

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  • Bryson

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  • In the getto!!! Yo NLE i love your music

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  • Bro you gotta chill on the ercs, yo head crazy big, in Shotta Flow u was bulky

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  • This should be titled pov:you are nle choppas wall

  • Cool

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  • K

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  • TOP SHOTTA FAVORITE SONGS: Camelot Like 👍 Shotta Flow Subscribe Bryson Comment Shotta Flow Remix do all of them Day dream play NLE CHOPPA in public

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  • 🗽🇳🇨🎍🇳🇿🇵🇬📰🗞🍁🍂🪵🪨🫐🫒🧈🫓🦪🍶🧋🫖🍾🛼🛷🦓🦓🐆🦌🪱🐻‍❄️🥾🩴🧣🪢🫀🤌🏽🥸😎👟🫁

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  • Welcome to cooking wit NLE CHOPPA lol...

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  • Yes

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  • You can

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  • Why was everyone putting rip lil uzi vert he aint dead who ever put that your gay

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  • He even talk and is like the guys here (Memphis) 💭😝💜even tho he's his own person😉

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  • 5:57-6:1 27 tho😂😂😂

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  • #ohioafan💙♿

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  • 🤣 funniest shit I have watched all day after smoking a fat dab!

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  • The add the cheese now or later

    Ronda ThompsonRonda ThompsonVor 3 Monate
  • I like your song post it I like your song you don't need any more songs this year

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  • Yes

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  • Bro we gotta keep choppa safe

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  • Dang nle you Fire and u funny and u can cook

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  • i love yo songs

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  • I love NLE CHOPPA 😂💜💜💜💙💙💙🖤🖤🖤

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  • Yes

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  • Choppa made the same pasta that my mama made.

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  • Hi I am a fan

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  • 😜😊😀😀

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  • And I like your song in the background

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  • Yes

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  • Is that meat in there

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  • man didn't even ask us if we wanted some.

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  • Yes

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  • Hola mi Llamo shoopo como te llamos hahahahahahaha

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  • 0:22 imagine if he touched that hot pan with his chest...

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  • Che cazzo sto vedendo

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  • other rappers: bro I have the racks and I could rap! Nle Choppa: I am making pasta first time in the house

    • yea

      A. JonesA. JonesVor Monat
  • NLE Choppa, next time you're making pasta, watch this video and try to follow Gordon Ramsay on how to cook pasta noodles. Link for the Video: For the marinara sauce: If you think the marinara sauce needs more seasoning, go for it and season the sauce to your liking. I hope this helps NLE Choppa next time you're cooking pasta 🔥👌😁

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  • It looks so good

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  • Omfg when I was scrolling the thumbnail looked like X for a second...I have chills. Long live Jahseh Onfroy

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  • love how hes one of the only rappers that upload daily

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  • My guy not even in a gated I see you 👀 Broski

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  • I just think it’s funny when he’s slowly scooping out past and looking at the cam lol

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  • Lolol

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  • Lol and he listening to he's music lol

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  • I bet that's nasty lol😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • I appreciate ✊🏼 you too

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  • Nle your such a good person

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Who you vote for

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  • Yes

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  • Yes

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  • That shit look fire

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